ProPacker 10/24 Blister Pack and Vial Filling Machine

ProPacker 10/24 Blister Pack and Vial Filling Machine

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Blister pack and vial filling machine with calibrated medication canisters for accurate filling of single or multi-med blister packs and all standard vial sizes.

Pharmacies of any size can now fill any manufacturers blister carding systems and vials by utilizing the proven canister based feeding system with the lowest entry cost and ROI on the market.

ProPacker 10/24 Blister Pack and Vial Filling Systems start under $25,000(US)!

The ProPacker 10/24 can fill any blister packing format currently in use including our UPackit-Rx 28 and 32 day Package system, MTS Systems, Rx-Systems, DisPill, Medicine-On-Time (MOT), Pharmacy Automation Supplies, Omni-Cell and others as well as most all common vial sizes. Canisters are manufactured using state of the art 3D printing technology allowing the lowest cost canister and replacement parts in the industry.

The ProPacker 10/24 features an active 10 canister filling system with an optional upgrade to the full scale 24 active canister system with broken/half tablet capability! Each canister can run independently for single fill medication packs or all 10/24 together for patient specific compliance packs! Systems include 60 calibrated medication canisters of your choice or an upgrade option allowing the use of existing legacy medication canisters like JVM or other similar canister designs. By utilizing your existing canister library pharmacies save precious storage space, money and time!

Each ProPacker 10/24 blister pack and vial filling machine includes an industrial Windows based Touch Panel PC with the UPackit-Rx Client Medication Management and Labeling Software System, Hand-held bar code scanner and small format zebra label printer. The software control systems allows for easy patient medication profile management or optional data interface to existing pharmacy software systems (at additional cost). The Upackit-Rx control software system includes canister tracking and validation of placement within the ProPacker 10/24 machine, broken/half tab dispensing, medication quantity tracking, refill warning and production reporting.

The ProPacker 10/24 includes rolling base and quality custom made white laminated cabinet to match existing pharmacy furniture and shelving systems. Optional supplies include blister card paddles, vial placement filling pucks, canisters and canister spare parts. The ProPacker 10/24 Blister Packing and Vial Filling Machine is privately manufactured in the USA and includes warranty, customer training, installation, service and after sale support. We are the largest distributor of the ProPacker line of blister packing machinery made in the USA.

Specifications: 40-80 blister packs per hour depending on blister count per package. Paddle holds 2 or more smaller packs or 1 LTC (6x9" pack) with auto setup for any package and blister layout. Larger blister packs like Rx-Map, MOT, DisPill or Sure-Med etc run 1-up per paddle. One or all canisters can be used for dispensing at the same time offering single pass filling for single AND Multi-dose blister packs. 15 Tablets/Capsules per minute for 30 ct. vials - vial fill counts can be set from 1-?? per vial. Can fill single or multiple vials with auto setup for vial height being used. Machine requires 110v AC power with battery back up optional. Basic machine size: 42"x42"x60"

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