I-Fill-2 Tablet-Capsule Bottle Filling Machine

I-Fill-2 Tablet-Capsule Bottle Filling Machine

The I-Fill-2 is an automatic tablet/capsule counting and bottle filling machine consisting of one or more (joined) counting and bottle filling bases. The counting/filling bases can be used independently or together depending on the size of the production run. This machine and its change parts are 3D printed using FDA approved material and allow unlimited product count and bottle sizes ranging from 30cc to 650cc in size with fill speeds up to 330 tablets/capsules per minute (per counting head).

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The I-Fill-2 tablet/capsule counting and bottling system utilizes state-of-the-art sensing technology to quickly and accurately count most all standard shaped solid dose medications. The system is ideal for small to medium batch bottle filling jobs and is used for clinical trial, pharmacy and vitamin supplement bottle filling requirements. Other optional attachments include the pouch filling adapter for medication filling using pouch packs instead of bottles (available this fall).

The system features a bottle sensing system that requires a filled bottle be removed and another bottle replaced before the next fill cycle begins. This feature minimizes the potential of "double fills" and requires a bottle to be "seen" for at least two seconds before the next fill cycle automatically starts. If a bottle is removed during a fill cycle, the machine will stop and warn the operator. The system is designed and sold as single counting/bottling bases that can be connected to form unlimited filling stations based on production requirements.

Product specific change parts are inexpensive and the machine easy to setup with no other adjustment or tools required. Setup is less than two minutes and the simple human machine interface (HMI) allows for quick adjustment of product count.

The system can be customized and fitted over a conveyor system with unlimited fill stations for full automatic bottling line use. Contact us for additional information, customization options and options pricing!