Industrial 3D Printing Systems with Large Build Capacity

We now represent the worlds premiere Industrial 3D printing machinery by IEMAI.

There have been very few choices for quality, cost-effective, and large-scale industrial 3D printers until now. The most common fused deposition (FFF) technology 3D printing systems have been limited in overall build size and required larger parts to be printed in smaller pieces and then joined to make the final part.

Contact us if you need specific machinery that may not be listed on our site.

IEMAI 3D printing systems offer large capacity, high-temperature printers that can use materials such as PEEK, PEKK, CFR-PEEK, ULTEM, PPSU, PC, PA, PLA, PEI, ABS, Carbon Fiber, Wood, etc. With models boasting build sizes up to 1 meter (39.4") cubed, these high-quality industrial 3D printers are a perfect fit for manufacturing, prototyping, medical device, dental, automotive, pharmaceutical, and aerospace industries requiring large build capacity at reasonable pricing.

We offer sales, service, training, installation, and spare parts for our machinery offerings. Contact us for more information, video, or even a demonstration of our 3D printing systems.