Medication Packaging and Dispensing Systems for Pharmacy

I-Fill-3 Automated Blister Packaging Machine

I-Fill-3 Automated Blister Packaging Machine

The I-Fill-3 is an automated tablet/capsule counting and blister packaging machine intended for use in pharmacy, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and clinical trials packaging. The  base model as pictured, includes a dual canister base counting system and PLC touch screen control for fast and accurate counting and dispensing of solid dose medications into industry standard blister packages with up to 32 blisters per package.

The I-Fill-3 utilizes most all industry standard blister packaging formats with verified filling of ~1 second per blister pocket and filling accuracy >99.9%. The system utilizes our gen3 calibrated canisters with the option to use existing customer supplied canister libraries.

The base model includes PLC control and up to 10 programmed package sizes and formats. The system allows the use of either canister base with the ability to specify how many medications drop into each blister. The system also allows the use of both canisters for multi-medication filling ideal for disease related treatment packaging.

I-Fill-3 Automated tablet/capsule counting and blister packaging machine options include:

-top base modification to include additional canister bases or the use of existing customer canister libraries.

-PC software control system allowing the use of unlimited package formats and sizes, faster filling speeds, true patient specific multi-dose filling and other enhancements not available on the PLC version.

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