Quick Filler III FAQ

Quick Filler III Prescription Blister Package Feeder Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


Question: How many drop plate frame assemblies do I need to purchase?

Answer: You would need to purchase at least one drop plate frame assembly for each blister pack format that you use (MTS, MOT etc.). If you only package MTS 1-32 blisters per package then one drop plate frame (minimum) would be required. You can purchase multiple drop plate frame assemblies as your production needs grow or as you add additional pharmacy tech's.

Question: Will a MOT drop plate frame assembly work with the MTS package format or would the MTS drop plate assembly work with the MOT package format?

Answer: No, you would need to purchase at least one drop plate frame assembly for each manufacturers packaging format that is filled in your pharmacy.

Question: Can I run half tablets in the Quick Filler III series feeders?

Answer: No, unless the half tablets are perfectly (consistent) in size, they will not feed properly within the filler. If the filler is designed for properly cut tablets and the tablets are consistent in size then the feeder should work as designed.

Question: We desperately need a tablet cutter, do you have an automated tablet cutter available?

Answer: Yes, we do offer an advanced tablet cutting device in both manual and automatic operating modes. Please contact us for additional information!

Question: How fast can I fill an MTS 30-day format blister package with your Quick Filler III feeder?

Answer: With the drug loaded into the top hopper, simply press the spring loaded shuttle plate inward and then pause allowing the medication to drop into the blisters below. Simply release the spring loaded shuttle to its home position and your blister package has been filled. About 2-8 seconds Max!

Question: Can I run different size medications in a single feeder?

Answer: You should not, each Quick Filler III feeder is ordered calibrated for each medication that you wish to run. However, since most capsule medications are made in standard sizes (#0,1,2,3,4 and 5) you may order a filler for each standard capsule size and then use for multiple medications in capsule form.

Question: We might use the same medications produced by different manufacturer's, what happens if the new medication size is different than the one originally calibrated?

Answer: This is very common. In many cases drugs from different manufacturer's can be run in the same feeder. However, there are medications that may be a complete different size or shape from different manufacturers so we must review the potential change on a per case basis. We offer a convenient resize/replacement option for most medication size changes for existing Quick Filler III feeders sized for the original medication order (or sample). Cost can vary in certain situations but most resize requests can be accommodated for up to 45% of the original purchase price. If we need to remake the feeder based on drastic medication size changes, you may keep the original feeder in case you start using the original medication or manufacturer. We will be happy to review changes in medication sizes on a per case basis!

Question: Can I use the same Quick Filler III feeder across different manufacturers packaging format, Ex. MTS and MOT?

Answer: Yes, please let us know that you wish to use the feeders for multiple package formats or order the (C)ombo designation. You would still need a drop plate frame assembly for each package format you wish to fill but the feeders CAN be used for multiple packaging system formats to keep your operational costs and storage space requirements to a minimum!

Question: Can I fill MTS 30, 28, 16 or 14 day packages using the same feeder and drop plate frame assembly?

Answer: YES!, for the MTS packaging format, we design the upper medication hopper and feed tubes for a maximum of 32 (4x8-32) blisters per package. If you wish to fill 31,30,28 or less blisters, we offer special feed tube plugs that close of the feed tubes as required! The same goes for 35 blister MOT packages and users wishing to fill only 32 blisters etc..

Question: How do I clean my feeders and drop plate frame assemblies?

Answer: We recommend the use of a clean semi-dry wash cloth lightly soaked with 70% or higher alcohol for simple wipe down of the feeder parts. Some medications are dusty so a quick blow off with compressed air and then wipe down would be best. NEVER submerge your feeders in water and NEVER place your feeders in a dish washer! 

Question: What are the Quick Filler III feeders and drop plate frame assemblies made of and where are they produced?

Answer: The feeders and frames are 100% made in the USA by American workers here in our Wisconsin manufacturing plant! We care about our environment so each feeder and frame is made of environmentally friendly plastics using state-of-the-art 3D manufacturing machinery! Our feeder products are bio-degradable!

Question: Do you stock the feeders and frames and if not, what are the manufacturing lead-times?

Answer: NO, we do not stock the feeders because each feeder is calibrated for your choice of solid dose medication(s). Normal lead-times are about 2-3 weeks from the time you place your order and we receive any medication samples (if required).

Question: Do you require medication samples for each feeder order to ensure proper calibration?

Answer: In most cases, YES - we will need medication samples for each feeder ordered to ensure proper calibration and testing before shipment. We understand that many medications are expensive and request 30 or more of the inexpensive medications or a minimum of 10 of the more expensive products for proper measuring and calibration. We return all sample medications with your new feeders and request that the medications sent are clearly labeled with the manufacturer's name, medication name, NDC number (Important), and strength. Each feeder assembly will be engraved with the Medication name AND NDC number for easy identification! We also recommend that the medications be shipped via USMAIL, US or FED-EX only for easy tracking purposes. Note: we are building a database of all feeder orders, drug name and NDC including measurements with the intention of reducing or eliminating the need for samples in the future!

Question: What medications will NOT run in the Quck Filler III series feeders?

Answer: Most all solid dose medications will feed very efficiently except odd shaped tablets including non-round (hex, octagonal etc.) tablets and some larger size gel capsules that might also not even fit inside the blister packs. We review all medications before producing a feeder order to ensure proper functionality! UPDATE: We have found that Doc-u-sate (Docusate sodium) can cause problems with auto filling using the Quick Filler III feeders.

Question: How many feeders do your customers normally order?

Answer: Some pharmacies already using MTS or other manufacturer's automation may only purchase one drop frame and 3-5 feeders for the most commonly filled medications. Many of our customers (without existing automation) purchase a drop frame for each package format (or more) and at least 10 feeders for the most commonly filled medications. Our Quick Filler III series feeders are the lowest price in the industry and allow any size pharmacy the ability to enter into their local LTC business.

Question: Do you offer quantity discounts for the Quick Filler III series feeders?

Answer: Yes, even though our pricing structure is the lowest in the industry, we do offer quantity discounts for large feeder orders. The pricing reflected on this website reflects general order quantities of 1-5 feeders or drop frames. We also offer quantity discount pricing for chain, retail and multiple location pharmacy needs! Contact us for details and custom quotations!

Question: Can the Quick Filler III series feeders also fill regular vials and bottles?

Answer: YES! We also offer a special drop frame for use with standard vial or bottle filling allowing the feeders to be used as an accurate tablet/capsule counter for high fill prescription medications! Contact us for details - We will post the vial/bottle drop frames to our site in the near future!

Question: What if I want to place a larger order and not use my credit card over the internet?

Answer: Please contact us for larger orders and special purchase needs. While we recommend using our website for all small orders, we do understand that larger orders may not be suited for credit card use. We do allow direct phone orders for customers that wish to purchase larger orders or decline the use of a credit card. We can accept company check or wire transfers with payment due in full at the time of order.

Question: Can I cancel my order and return the feeders if I change my mind at a later time?

Answer: All orders can be cancelled with refund up until the start of the manufacturing process. Once the fillers have been produced, we can not accept cancellations or provide refunds due to the custom nature of each customers order. Please understand that while another customer might need a similar feeder at some point in the future, there are simply too many drug NDC numbers to allows us restocking of cancelled feeders.

Question: Do you offer a warranty on the Quick Filler III series feeders?

Answer: We warrant the feeders to function as advertised providing the feeder is used per the accompanying instructions, cleaned and stored as outlined in the operational instructions by the original purchaser and only with the medication that the feeder was originally calibrated for (no warranty for half tablets or broken product placed in the feeders). Warranty only applies for feeders that were calibrated and tested with the actual medication samples at the time of order. We can not be responsible for customer supplied medication measurements or feeder orders placed with refusal to send medication samples for proper calibration and final testing at this time (this policy subject to change in the future. UPackit-Rx and Clinical-CR Pack Design Services LLC shall not be liable for broken or miss filled medications regardless of cost and user warrants that properly trained personnel only will use the Quick Filler III series feed systems - Pharmacist must always check blister packs for accuracy! Other conditions apply and complete warranty and sales policy available upon request.

Question: How accurate are the Quick Filler III series feeders?

Answer: You can expect 100% fill rates so long as you follow the instructions provided with your feeder(s) and use the medication that the feeder was originally calibrated for making sure there are no broken or half tablets etc.. We do NOT recommend using the feeders with different medications in similar sizes within the same feeder as fill rate accuracy may/will be greatly affected. Using multiple medications (other than feeders designed for standard capsule sizes) also void warranty.

Question: Can you produce the feeders in different colors?

Answer: Yes, we can manufacture the feeders in several color options. Please keep in mind that there is no such thing as "Clear" due to the raw material used in it's natural state. Color options can include Black, White, Natural (semi-clear tone), Grey, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue etc. Our customers often use Red for use in the narcotics room or other defined colors for antibiotics or other medications requiring alternate storage or filling locations.

Question: Can I store the feeder with the medications inside the hopper when not in use?

Answer: No, we do not suggest storing the medications in the hoppers when the feeders are not in use even if the clear plastic cover is used.

Question: Why are the larger feeders and drop frames manufactured in four sections and why are there gaps or seems in the feeders finish?

Answer: The feeders are produced using state-of-the-art 3D production machines allowing us to manufacture the feeders with true 3D profiles extremely difficult to produced using customary CNC metal based manufacturing process. Larger feeders and drop plate frame assemblies are often made in sections and plastic welded for final assembly at a fraction of the cost and weight over conventional machining methods. With our new production technology, we can produce intricate true 3D sub assemblies that are then plastic welded for final assembly. You may notice seems, uneven surface finishes and even what might look like layer splits on completed parts. These are not rejects or poor workmanship and simply by nature, a result of the manufacturing technology, fully functional assemblies providing the intended action of placing medications in blister pockets. Different colors and raw material mixtures can produce finer or rougher surface finishes due strictly to the polymers and dyes used for each color selection used in manufacturing.

Question: Can you refer me to existing clients that use your products as reference?

Answer: Unfortunately, and in most cases, No - we are not allowed to offer references unless those customers agree to join our referral program. Most of our customers enter into or require Non Disclosure agreements (NDA's) due to the local market, corporate policy or special segments they serve and unless they agree in writing we are not allowed to use them for referrals. We do urge our customers to join a referral program with the hope of providing this service in the future!