Welcome to our local community spotlight!

We are happy to introduce and partner with our local small business community to offer farm fresh foods including meats, vegetables and other locally grown or manufactured sustainable products.

We would like to spot light one of our  local businesses, Mellen Natural's, by introducing their line of freeze-dried meats and vegetables.

Mellen Natural's has been providing local customers top quality, farm fresh freeze-dried meats and vegetables for over 10 years. Our beef, pork and chicken are locally sourced farm raised quality meats locally butchered and freeze-dried using our state-of-the-art freeze -drying process machinery.

Freeze-dried meats and vegetables boast 10-15 year (or more) shelf life with original nutritional value retained during the drying process. Our meats are minimally processed and contain no chemicals, additives, antibiotics or vaccines.

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