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V2000 Series Laser Printer and Marking Systems

V2000 Series Laser Printer and Marking Systems

The V2000 series laser printers by Fapre are designed to print a wide variety of products clearly and accurately. This system is used for printing full package "labels" on pharma or pharmacy blister packages.

The sample package shown on the left of the photo has been printed using the V2000 series printer and includes barcode with incremented serial number, barcode with a batch code and all medication data printed over each blister pocket on the package.

The package on the right hand side of the photo shows the same package printed with an older technology ink jet printed with two print heads. Both packages are 152mm x 152mm in size. The laser printer is easy to use and setup. It can print (optionally) up to 400x400mm max and never requires the consumables and maintenance such as ink, ribbons or cleaning solvents. V2000 series features include:

  • RF CO2 integrated laser in 20w, 30w, 50w, 100w and 200w sizes
  • Minimum line width: .03mm with printing repeatability of .01mm
  • Air or water cooled depending on power of laser
  • Marking Range: up to 400x400mm maximum - Quoted by need
  • Marking type: dot matrix and vector integrated
  • Marking contents: any text, graphics, barcodes, serial numbers any position in printable area
  • Marking Speed: Stationary - depends on overall size of print and material
  • Marking Speed: Conveyor - 0-300m per minute depends on size of print and material.
  • Able to serialize each medication package produced to comply with newer pharmaceutical serialization standards.
  • Ability to serialize by dose (blister) or package for inline aggregation equipment such as bottling lines or cartoners.
  • Provides an advance level of packaging tamper evidence
  • Custom software and database modules available based on customer needs

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