UPackit-Rx Blister Packaging Kit - 28 Dose

UPackit-Rx Blister Packaging Kit - 28 Dose

UPackit-Rx Personal Blister Packaging Kit - 28 Dose Large Blister - 6"x 9" Package Size: 

The UPackit-Rx home blister packaging kit and accessories for medication adherence and management system has been developed for those that have difficulty managing multiple medications/vitamins and is ideally suited for home, summer camp, short or long term rehabilitation and nursing homes, inmate medication management and the growing preparedness movement for those concerned with safe, long term medication storage and use.

With the UPackit-Rx home blister packaging kit it is now possible for personal or professional users to manage medications for family members without the need to find a pharmacy that offers blister packaging services.

The UPackit-Rx home blister packaging kits are ideal for families with children requiring blister-packaged medications for school or even summer camp. The blister packages are ideal for those family members that require personal medications for short term rehabilitation stays, long term care (LTC) nursing or other extended care facilities. Many customers also use the UPackit-Rx home blister packaging kits to help manage vitamin and herbal supplement programs as well.

The blister packs provided in each kit are manufactured in our Wisconsin production plant and meet the standard size requirement of 6” x 9” overall size required by pharmacy and all prison, VA, long term care, school and summer camp facilities. The blisters are made from industry standard pharmaceutical grade PVC and have a special foil cover pre-sealed as a hinge along one side of the package. The foil is also pharmaceutical grade material that has a special heat seal adhesive that allows a complete air and environmental seal when activated by a heated iron and slight downward pressure. The UPackit-Rx packaging system offers quality long term protection of your medications for up to 2 years. (Most medications are tested by the manufacturers for up to 2 year self life with many medications lasting much longer)

Heat sealing is considered industry standard for all pharmaceutical blister packaged products and the heat sealing process does NOT compromise medication integrity. The home blister packaging kits do require the use of a standard household iron (no steam) at its highest heat setting (Iron not included with kits). We also offer inexpensive heat press machines for those customers that wish to provide a packaging service to others, home health, hospice, pharmacy or those who fill and seal large numbers of packages for several family members.

Kits are currently available in two blister formats, a 4x7-28 day with larger blister size (for multiple meds) and a 30-day LTC format usually used for single medications. Each kit contains 25 blister packs, sealing pad and our UPackit-Rx home medication management and label design software package*.

This software allows the user an easy yet effective method of entering patient, doctor, pharmacy, and medication information used to generate full-color (or B/W) labels from your personal computer and printer that are then applied to the back of a sealed blister package.

Our professional version of this software is to be used in a pharmacy setting that includes software interface to existing pharmacy software systems. The professional version also allows the user to not only design full color custom labels but also offers an industry first blister design module allowing specialty blister packs to be designed and ordered with the click of the mouse button. This feature allows for unlimited blister/label/package design of the three most used industry size packages! No other blister packaging system offers the flexibility to custom design you blister package within the software and then place an order for fast production and delivery of specialty need package formats.

With our custom design blister package module, users can design full size blister packages with 1-40 blister pockets (6” x 9” package size) arranged in any order or location, numerous standard blister sizes and includes the capability to engrave blister numbering, pharmacy name and logo or other custom engraving that the end-user reads from the PVC side of the finished package. This system truly allows professional users the ability to provide patient/client or disease related blister formats to better enhance patient medication compliance.

Our custom professional package design system allows pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, doctor and dentist office’s, veterinary, LTC, home health, hospice and many other organizations that provide medications to their clients, the ability to provide ANY of the common blister package configurations and sizes such as 7, 14, 21, 28, 30-32-day and even larger custom disease related custom engraved packaging formats at minimum quantity requirements per order. All of this managed within the UPackit-Rx blister package and label design professional software package. Please contact us for additional information for the professional software version.