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Laser Printers and Marking Systems

Laser printers, Inkjet, and other printing (marking) systems are available for most all packaging line needs with stationary and continuous motion conveyor mounted models. The systems can be used for pharmacy, pharmaceutical, contract packaging, food and beverage packaging, cosmetic, and many other industrial packaging needs.

Contact us if you need specific machinery that may not be listed on our site.

The newest printing technology is laser printers, also called laser marking systems, that can print very small areas like serial numbers on bottles running on a conveyor or very large printable areas approaching 400x400mm maximum. Our laser printers are designed to print full "label" pharmaceutical packaging in both stationary desktop or continuous motion mounted on conveyors for higher production needs.

Older marking systems were used for a simple lot and expire code dating or even limited barcodes requiring expensive and messy consumables like ink, ribbons, and solvents. Our newest laser printers can print any data and barcodes placed at any location on a package clearly and accurately up to 400x400mm in size. These systems never require consumables like ink and solvents and require very little maintenance.

We represent quality manufacturers like Fapre and others for our marking system products, and all new systems carry our complete engineering, custom software, and sales/service support.