Tablet PC with Touch & Talk Speech Communication and Therapy Software (Ver. 4.0)

Tablet computers not available - This product is the Touch & Talk Software Ver4.0 ONLY

ONLY WORKS using Windows XP or Windows 7 Professional Operating systems.


Tablet PC with Touch & Talk Speech Communication and Therapy Software (Version 4.0)

For patients suffering from Stroke, Autism, ALS, APRAXIA, MD, Cancer, Trauma or other speech related disabilities.

Windows Version Now With Speech Enabled Chat/Instant Messaging!

As Heard on American Airlines and US Air (SkyRadio)!

The Tablet PC package includes a touch screen based speech enabled computer and the Touch & Talk Speech Communication and Therapy version 4.0 software. Each tablet computer is built and customized for each patient and usually ships within 2 weeks. Each computer includes the original manufacturer’s warranty and ships with Touch & Talk fully installed and ready for use.

The Touch & Talk speech communication and therapy software system is designed for patients suffering from speech disabilities and assumes that the patient has or retains the ability to read and form sentences to provide a flexible tool for direct spoken communications to family members or caregivers. The patient simply clicks, taps, types or points to words in lists or commonly used phrases and clicks the speak button for spoken narration with either a male or female voice. Word and phrase lists are easily customized to provide a truly personal communication tool.

Touch & Talk utilizes large buttons and text to assist patients with impaired vision and help in regaining lost motor control and coordination as a quality of life therapy tool. Touch & Talk provides customizable alarms, medication reminders, 911 emergency alert, caregivers log and full speech enabled instant messaging and chat capabilities. Touch & Talk is designed for use on Windows based computers or laptop/tablet PCs with soundboard and speakers for true portable patient communication. Touch & Talk is also available on USB disk for extended patient mobility.

Patients can also communicate with extended family, care givers and friends or the Touch & Talk Home Monitoring Service* via a standard Dial up, DSL, Cable or T1 Internet connection.

Touch & Talk version 4.0 includes our fully functional IMessanger/Chat feature with full speech narration for both the patient and chat friends. IMessage/Chat features include friend list manager, special chat icons and event sounds.

As an added value, we have also included the Touch & Talk speech enabled IMessage/Chat client-server utility for those users that do not use the full Touch & Talk software package. Simply email the Touch & Talk IMessage/Chat client/server utility setup file to your friends for unlimited extended family and friend’s communication.

Version 4.0 also includes numerous upgrades and enhancements to make Touch & Talk even easier to use!

Tablet PC Manufacturer and specifications subject to change and include:
10.1" 2-point capacitive touch screen, Intel Atom N455 1.66 GHz, 1GB, 16GB Mem, Sound, Speaker, USB ports,WIFI and Windows 7 Operating System with Touch & Talk Ver. 4.0 software installed and personalized.